Candy Yuen: I Do Not Mind Going Nude

2009 Miss Photogenic Candy Yuen (袁嘉敏) is a passionate and aggressive person. Her workload decreased dramatically two years ago, and the only thing she could do was go elsewhere. She explained, “I have signed with TVB for four years already. I do not want to be like Astrid Chan; why do I need to be so loyal?  I actually have no bottom line. As long as it is necessary for the role, I do not mind going nude!” Candy has a sexy body with a 34D”- 23″- 34″ in bust, waist, and hip measurements. She said she doesn’t mind showing some skin, so that finding opportunities will not be hard at all.

Because she resembles Kenix Kwok and had Sandra Ng as her nominator, Candy won the Miss Photogenic title. Then, she signed with TVB for three years and became host for Scoop. Two years ago, she switched to filming dramas and got a role that seduced Laughing Gor in Lives of Omission. Candy was named goddess of her bed scenes and sweet behavior. Soon afterwards, Candy was rumored to be a third wheel in an executive’s relationship. Immediately, she lost all her potential and opportunities. She went from a rising fadan to a guest star in dramas.

Candy expressed that she does not miss her old life, “I was at the least tolerable phase. A free contract has fewer constraints. I am not trying to breakaway completely. I just do not want to be like Astrid Chan. I have been a host for four years. It is time for a change.”

In order to succeed, it was necessary to leave TVB. With a hot body, Candy said, “My chest is really big and my waist is small. My next goal is to film dramas and I do not mind to go nude. A lot of French movie queens went nude. Everybody should stop thinking about the wrong thing and stop thinking that going nude is always bad. As long as it is necessary for the role, I do not mind to do it. If I do not reveal myself while young, do you think I will reveal myself when I am 60 or 70 years old!?”

Source: ihktv

Article translation credited to Dorothy, a writer for MHKD.

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