Rebecca Zhu: It’s All About Feelings

It has been revealed that 26-year-old Miss Hong Kong winner Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) had lived in “subdivided units”. As a thrifty person, she would not spend a lot for a date. However, Rebecca strongly insisted that her family is not poor. She is only “thrifty” to plan for her future. Her perspective on love is similar too! She said, “You cannot date someone you are not compatible with. I would rather be forever alone than to be with someone I do not like!

“In Hong Kong, I rented a subdivided unit for a few thousand dollars and would ride the trolley to school to save money. I would not use more than 50 dollars a day. Breakfast would be a bun that cost a few dollars. Sometimes I would even act like a housewife and bargain. In general, I would only splurge for cloths and shoes on big days like my birthday or New Years. However, I would still only spend a few hundred dollars on those I am thrifty, but my family’s financial conditions were okay. I am not poor, nor am I so poor that I needed to live in subdivided units. I only did not want to waste my parent’s money! I am lucky to be able to go to school with scholarship money. Compared to other girls who come from Mainland, my classmates treated me well. At least, they did not segregate me as a Mainlander, as some people do get isolated. Maybe it is because they thought I was a good student, so they should treat me better.

No Sparks with Clayton Li

“Someone took a photo of me and Mr. Hong Kong Clayton Li riding the MTR together, which led to love rumors. Clayton and I are only friends! It was only a coincidence, since we attended events together all the time after the pageant. That is how we got close! Sparks did not fly, nor was I ‘one foot on two boats (two-timing).’ At that time, I did not get to see my boyfriend often and he needed to go somewhere for work. We both felt that the relationship was difficult to maintain, so we broke up. It has nothing to do with a third-party. As for Kenneth Ma, like I said, we are just friends. I believe that a woman needs love and needs to be loved, but dating depends on feelings. You cannot get together with someone you do not like. I am the type of person who would rather be forever alone than to choose someone randomly. That is why I have rejected many pursuers before. When feelings leave, they leave. I would not be unhappy only because I broke up with my boyfriend.

Chatting to Create a Friendship with Whitney Hui

“In this industry, I am the closest with fellow Miss Hong Kong, Whitney Hui. We chat about everything! We are really good friends. I bet you would not realize this but in the beginning of the pageant, I did not like her. I felt that she was not a good person. Perhaps her negative news of changing boyfriends and being too open affected me. You have to understand a person in order to become friends with them. One time, we had to travel for a function after the pageant. She shared a hotel room with another girl, but the other girl showed unwillingness. I ended up sharing the room with Whitney. At first, we were both really quiet. Then, she tried to start a conversation with me. She told me some of her personal thoughts. I told her how I did not like her at first. Of course she felt unhappy hearing that, but after we chatted longer, I started to like her more. I realized that the negative news affect my thoughts of her. After that night, we both understood each other more. Now, we are good friends.

First Love at 16, Boyfriend is the School’s Best Guy

“I am thrifty even for dating. We do not celebrate big holidays because it is a waste of money. That made all my relationships dull. I have had three boyfriends before. The most memorable one was my first love at 16. We only held hands. My first boyfriend was one of the best guys in the school. I remember how he confessed his love by writing a note and asking a classmate to send it to me. He wrote me a love poem, and that was how our relationship started. We rarely went out or went to the movies. The most memorable moment was the first time we went out. He got lost when he was escorting me back to the dorms. It was summer time, so I got really tired from the walking. He decided to carry me back home even when he was exhausted himself too. Then we broke up because I had to go somewhere else for school. I had always thought that we would not keep in contact, but we met each other one day. I was happy to see him again. Perhaps it was fate. Our views on love changed, and he has a girlfriend. It was better for us to stay as friends. Now, we would still talk to each other about personal things.

Injured while Dancing, Afraid Cannot Get Pregnant

“Sometimes, I feel that I am very weak. Once, I broke my foot while dancing ballet. I became really unhappy, because I could not perform. Other people isolated me, thinking that I faked my injury. I injured myself earlier again, which worried me about pregnancy issues in the future. I have not even found my other half yet and I am a traditional woman. Some people might choose not to give birth, but I would not. I like children. In the future, I will choose to have my own family. Luckily, I treated my injury soon enough that I am fine now. I would need to thank the doctor for taking my worries away.”

An Afterword

The entertainment industry has lots of topics for discussion. Recently, the discussion about female celebrities’ virginity is popular. Lots of celebrities chose to avoid the topic. When asked about “losing it”, Rebecca’s response was a laughter, “Do not talk about these things. It is very awkward. Let us change the topic.” Soon, her face got all red and she became a shy little girl. I guess this topic is not a joke after all!

Source: Oriental Daily

Article translation credited to Dorothy, a writer for MHKD. 

2 responses to “Rebecca Zhu: It’s All About Feelings

  1. The bit with Whitney brings humour to me.

    Whitney: *Starts conversation with gossip about the unwilling girl*
    Rebecca: OMG, I totally agree with that! She is a B****!
    Whitney: Totally
    Rebecca: You know, I think I’m starting to like you already.

    Beginning of friendship…

  2. “One time, we had to travel for a function after the pageant. She shared a hotel room with another girl, but the other girl showed unwillingness. I ended up sharing the room with Whitney.”

    This quadruple team in 2011 were Rebecca, Hyman, Whitney, and Nicole. So was it Hyman or Nicole who didn’t want to share the room with Whitney?

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