Wingto Lam Learned to Think Twice

Age: 22
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 112
Measurements: 33” – 23” – 34½”
Occupation: model
Education: associate degree
Hobbies: drawing, singing
Ambition: to be an actress

Given the opportunity to film in London was a great motivation for Wingto Lam to join this pageant. The turnout has given her an amazing lifetime experience. “I was lucky to win this experience. I didn’t expect so many elimination rounds in the beginning, but I slowly felt the pressure within it. I was saddened to witness the girls being asked to leave. My initial scared feeling eventually transformed into mixed thoughts after I was announced as a finalist. I was relaxed a bit after I was finally recognized [for my hard work], but that does not mean that I am not making effort. I can enjoy the process more now. During every elimination round and outport shooting, I understand myself more. Now, I would think carefully before I action. I am happy to see myself maturing.”

Wingto learned through her interview experiences that her words might cause an influence on other people. “The Scoop” asked Christy and I for an interview, but TVB chose not to broadcast it at the end. I am assuming that I used inappropriate words, which lost Christy a chance to clarify her rumors. My words are capable of affecting people beside me.”

Wingto deeply understood her immaturity actions since then. However, her optimistic personality transformed it into something positive. “Often times, I would remind myself to be more mature, presentable, and generous to suit the Miss Hong Kong image. This pageant has a good environment for one to realize her weaknesses especially when you are together with a group of girls. I will work hard to improve myself.”

Source: TVB Weekly


I was never a Wingto supporter despite her being a favorite during the preliminary interviews. She has stepped half a foot in the entertainment industry considering that she comes from a former band named Lacey Lacey and has filming experience. Perhaps, she is just asking for another breakthrough! Having only completed an associate degree, Wingto has a disadvantage in her education background when compared with the other contestants. Even she admitted that she failed to follow the English-speaking instructor’s directions during the London trip. Agreed upon many other MHK followers, she is one of the least deserving finalists. 

FYI: No way do I feel that I am qualified to judge the girls’ personalities, and I am not trying to wipe off their hard work and contribution for this pageant. These are my observations and opinions to share, so please do not get offended in any way if you disagree with me.

3 responses to “Wingto Lam Learned to Think Twice

  1. Really? I don’t find Wingto pretty. I understand she has a bust, but the face isn’t too appealing. Something bothers me.

    And yes, Lengmo is correct.

  2. Well said! Even tho she is quite pretty to me she is the least deserving contestant imo. She is also not mature and not elegant to me :) Why tvb made her a finalist is a big question to me. She is funny tho for saying “I have mo idea what that English lady was talking about “roll eyes” and I think it was silly for tvb to broadcast it. Just because of this I already know tvb wont place her as one of the top 3 girls.

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