Daughter of Actor Norman Chui, Erica Chui

The 28 MCIP contestants met the press on January 6. Michelle Yim’s niece and daughter of actors Norman Chui and Shirley Yim, Erica Chui (徐穎堃) has not only inherited her father’s “big hero nose”, but also her mother’s features. As a pageant expert, she has been participating in many beauty contests back in her home country Vancouver. Currently rumored with actress Rose Chan, her brother Edward Chui congratulated Erica on Weibo for being crowned a three-titled champion.

Tipping Daughter in Top Three

Although Erica is coming in with many celebrity connections, she did not mention about her family background at the press conference yesterday. Instead, her chest caught the audience’s attention and she stole the limelight. Filming in mainland China, Norman Chui said, “I am very confident. The results are not as important as to win experience. However, she has participated in many beauty competitions. She has experience and has seen great things! (Oppose daughter in the industry?) I am confident that she will enter top three. If she enters the entertainment industry, TVB will definitely offer her a contract. Three or four years ago, I persuaded her to join the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, but her boyfriend turned down the thought. But, she has dumped him now. I told her too! (Ask MC Eric Tsang to lend a hand?) He knows what to do. Haha!”

Aunt Michelle Yim Supports, Erica has her Own Strengths

Although Michelle Yim is not Erica’s nominator, but the two often keeps in contact. She said over in a phone interview, “I have been paying attention to her. I told her to keep calm and try her best! (Confident?) Yes! Her calmness is her advantage. (Prepare soup?) Her training schedule is tight and I am busy with filming The Great Eunuch. I will wait and see!”

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Coming in with celebrity connections, I do not see it as an advantage for Erica.

10 responses to “Daughter of Actor Norman Chui, Erica Chui

  1. 宣傳片 – 古今交融 一脈相通

    For the first time MHK is promotion clip for MCI
    i think TVB want MHK to be winner!!!!
    my god…

    how can MHK and MCI2010 in promotion clip?

    terrible…..TVB internal

  2. Who is Norman Chui? Is he a HK-based actor?

    Erica resembles an older Grace Wong in a way I think. Hilary and Lenna are prettier and although she may be offered a contract, I can’t see her winning top 3.

    • Norman Chui is 徐少強, you may google for image. He is mainly actiing in Kong-Fu kind of HK movie.

      maybe internet TVB will need Erica and Rebbacca for this year.

  3. I have a question…how come this year there are two contestants from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal etc?

    • because TVB had postpone 2011 MCI, there is no MCI for year 2011.
      so winer for 2010 and 2011 representative will be participant in MCI2012.

      both of them are winner for year 2010 and 2012 respectively.

    • @Shirley: Like HK said, the 2011 MCIP got postponed so the 2010 champions winners did get to participate.

  4. I don’t even think she is that pretty. This year the quality is pretty high so if she gets into top 3, its pretty obvious that the competition is rigged.

  5. if thats an advantage then it would so unfair to other contestants, however her father said in the news that he’s very confident that erica will be in the top 3… hope its wont be true….

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