MCIP 2010 中华俪影,展现盛世风采

The 22nd annual Miss Chinese International Pageant was held at the Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Hotel (China) on November 5, 2010. The 24 contestants coming from around the world appeared in a wide selection of outfits competing for Champion, First Runner-Up, Second Runner-Up, Miss Friendship, and Miss Home Beauty. Despite the cold weather, the contestants appeared in sexy swimsuits on stage. After a swimsuit and Q&A session, the champion title went to 25 year-old Vancouver representative Eliza Sam, First Runner-Up and Miss Home Beauty went to Kuala Lumpur representative Belle Theng, Second Runner-Up went to Toronto representative Candy Cheung, and Miss Friendship went to Foshan representative Bai Lu.

Under a new voting system of announcing top3, the competition was much fiercer. Second Runner-Up was announced first and the remaining two contestants were canvassing to the judges in determination for victory and defeat. Eliza Sam won four to one votes with the support of Joe Ma, Liu Yang, Sonija Kwok, and Kate Tsui. The award-winning contestants will receive money and prizes worth up to five million dollars (yuen), which broke the record in history. Hong Kong representative Toby Chan (陳庭欣) was a hot favorite before the competition. Her hard work performance didn’t pay off as Toby only ended up in top6. During the opening “transformation” segment, Toby revealed her “career line” in her deep V gown.

During an interview after the final, Eliza Sam said that her win was unexpected, “I would like to thank everyone especially my supporters! (What did you win of?) I’m not sure. Awards can be meaningless. I spent a lot of time learning Cantonese last year. I hope that I improved. (Do you have any plans for entering the entertainment industry?) I would like to finish my education first. My mom was here to support me tonight as well. (How about your boyfriend?) I don’t have a boyfriend! I wanted to concentrate better on school and the competition.” The reporters asked Belle whether she was disappointed with the results or not, “Absolutely not! I am very thankful that I got in top12 and in addition to a side award. I have tried my best. The champion is intelligent and beautiful. I am not as cute as her.”

Toby Chan said in a non-disappointing manner, “It’s just a show. (Hong Kong representatives usually place though?) It’s not a guarantee! It proves that TVB is fair. (Afraid of reporting to TVB?) Nope! All I have to do is report to myself. (What did you loose of?) Perhaps my smile.”

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I was a supporter of Belle Theng since she was competing for Miss Astro. The first impression she gave me was “she is enriched in her experience background and will not settle for the less”. Belle’s performance was well rounded.

The new system of announcing top12 and top6 was refreshing; however, it made the results too obvious. I wondered if it weren’t because of the new voting system of determining the champion, would Belle have won the champion crown instead. Nevertheless, I didn’t sense much of the “grand” feeling of this year’s MCI like TVB claimed it to be earlier. On the other hand, the clips of the outdoor filming, questions during the interview segment, and outfit designs seemed much more effortful compared to previous years. In additional, I prefer the show held in Tianjin rather than Foshan.

Belle Theng

“I am glad that the one standing beside my now is my roommate. It’s not easy for us, the 24 contestants to stand on this international stage. Therefore, may I kindly request for an applaud? Thanks! The road ahead of me will not be easy to walk if I am crowned champion tonight. I might come across difficulties. However, I have the determination, confidence, and courage for success. I wish that you, judges would give me a chance and cast your vote on me. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the crewmembers for taking good care of me. Because of you people, I sense the warmthness at a winter weathered country. Without your input, this show wouldn’t have happened. Thanks to you all for coming here tonight. Thanks!”

Eliza Sam

“Judges, I have a few words that I would like to say to the audience.  A year ago when I first mentioned about joining a pageant, people made fun of my silly thought. They would criticize me of my Cantonese speaking skills. Therefore, I worked hard learning this year. I would practice day and night. I am proud to say that I can stand here tonight full of confidence telling you all my inner feelings. I wish that all ladies out there, if you have a dream, please reach for it. Because if I can, you can! Thanks!”

Belle gave a very generous speech. Perhaps something a champion material person would say. However, if I were one of the judges, I would cast my vote on Eliza. Although Belle had a better performance, the regulation for this segment was to wash away all the points of the two contestant’s performance and judge for a champion based on their speech. I would judge for a winner not by what you came in with, but also how the pageant itself has influenced and improved you. The last line Eliza gave sounded motivating to many of you ladies out there who dreamed of standing on that stage. To all of you out there: If Eliza can, you can!

16 responses to “MCIP 2010 中华俪影,展现盛世风采

  1. wow, your replies are fast….i was procrastinating with my papers and decided to see if Jen commented yet….i was like…oh probably not, and then i see your post…i truly wonder if eliza sam will join the entertainment industry.. .. i honestly can’t see her acting in a drama, maybe hosting but her chinese isn’t good

    • @Allison: Yay for me. Sorry. Usually, it doesn’t take me this long to reply. My internet has been down for the past two weeks. If I havn’t mistaken, I remember reading an article about Eliza mentioning that she have plans of joining TVB. I think she has a chance with her determination. And Belle Theng has decided not to enter TVB.

  2. yes, i did watch the miss astro! i think she was one of the stronger participants from the start because of her confidence. personally, i think confidence is a very important element in a winner because i really believe in confidence=beauty thinking because judges/other people will derive first impressions from your physical appearance but the way you carry yourself and your speech can break or make that impression. Although, frankly, eliza sam does look prettier than belle but in terms of the beauty department, i thought there were other girls prettier than her.

    • @Allison: Yes, I agree. Instead of looking what others have, I would look at what I don’t have and improve it on from there. I think it is important that we work on our weaknesses, but it is more important that we show our strengths to set an example for others. Beauty is something subjective. But people can easily judge on intelligence by the way you talk. Belle sets a great example. :)

  3. I was also looking at the contestant info. for the pageant eliza sam was in and i realized that Alice Wong, who also participated in miss hk 2010 was in that same pageant although she didn’t place

    • @Allison: Yup, yup. Imagine Alice Wong represented Hong Kong at 2010 MCI instead of Toby Chan. Then they will compete against each other again. :)

  4. i just watched the final
    belle should have totally won, she was so well-spoken and confident and had much more of that miss chinese international poise and elegance
    eliza won because of her speech at the end with her tears
    she totally pulled the sympathy card
    and during the roommate questioning part, she totally tried to make belle look bad by asking her why she wouldn’t talk to her
    ahh, her win just makes me mad
    Belle should totally have been the champion
    and their system of presenting the 2nd runner up is really unfair
    to the thir runner up and the 2nd runner up

    • @Allison: It’s been so quiet here, Allison. I better get on task. I see that we have a Belle fan here. After I heard Belle’s speech, I told myself, “I don’t think Eliza stands a chance.” But Eliza’s speech gave the judge s an option. Honestly, I didn’t the judging system was fair. If I haven’t mistaken, they adopted it for Miss Astro. If you want to see more of Belle’s performance, you can watch the 2009 Miss Astro pageant that is if you haven’t yet. It’s up on Youtube. :)

  5. I’m very happy that Eliza and Candy got into top 3. They were my faves from the beginning. Belle is very well spoken so she deserved the top 3 spot.
    Eliza and Candy are both so pretty!

  6. Too bad Montreal couldn’t make it a clean sweep for Canada………but I’m still very proud to be Canadian! We so own this pageant every year…muahahahaha!

    I can’t say whether the results were fair or not, because a lot of them spoke Mandarin, so I couldn’t understand. Only Cantonese for me. Nonetheless, I think the winners look presentable. Candy is very pretty and humble looking. Eliza is indeed like a pretty barbie doll. And Belle, though not as pretty, is very well spoken. Congrats to them!

    My favourite segment was when they got the top 6 to answer questions from their roomates. Eliza asked Belle why she didn’t communicate with her as much like the others, LOL!

    • @Allison: Yeah, I wonder why? Are Canadians well-qualified? Does Fairchild(the TV station in Canada hosting the pageant) have high requirements and train the contestants well? Nonetheless, I do not mind as long as the win was well-deserved! Opps, forgot to link it! Gimme just a minute! :)

      @Raptorballz: “We so own this pageant every year” Psh! Okay, just kidding. Haha. :p So jealous of you Canadian people!!! Poor Eliza! On the other hand, I was quite disappointed that Toby would ask such a ridiculous question. It’s something that we hear in everyday interviews and the answer always comes out to be “It’s hard to compare, I mean it’s just a show”. The segment where they were asked to introduce something to the Asian/Western world was so well MEMORIZED! I think Candy did fairly well in the beginning, but not until the interview segment where she didn’t even hear the question right! No offense. But she did quite well twisting it back I guess. Like Belle said herself, she did loose to cuteness.

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