4.21 MHK Local Recruitment I

Tracy Ip (叶翠翠), Queenie Chu (朱慧敏), Janet Chow (周家蔚), and others appeared at the 2010 MHK local recruitment function. They held silence to show support for victims of the Qinghai earthquake. Furthermore, they shared their MHK experience with the audience and played the MHK Facebook app. Tracy and Janet shared their measurements; 32″-23″-36″ and 32″-23″-34″.

(Will you nominate any of your friends?) Tracy replied, “Although there is an extension to the age limit, still many of them are overage. However, MHK should be a definite try for those who are qualified.” Recently, there has been significant improvements in the property market; therefore Tracy sold the property and rented another place. She laughed, “How many digits did I earn? I’ll keep that to myself. However, it’s enough for my family to invest in a new home.” (Are you trying to forget the past?) Tracy replied, “I forgot about it already. That was a long time ago. Moving is common.”  (Do you still have any property in hands?) She responded, “Not any more. All that matters is for a happy family.”

Yesterday, was Queenie’s 29th birthday. Time has passed by quickly for her. (How did you celebrate?) Queenie revealed, “Filming. In addition, I had dinner with my close friends. Numbers don’t mean much to me. I feel like a 18 year-old.” Queenie’s been trying to convince her cousin, but her goal is Hollywood. She said, “My friend regrets due to the lack of courage to present herself to the audience in a swimsuit. As a result, I encourage you ladies to try.”

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5 responses to “4.21 MHK Local Recruitment I

  1. @mkdiary

    You do a really good job with this translating! & its a refreshing change to be able to keep up to date with Miss Hong Kong on your website, keep up the good work!=)


    Wow! I just went on your website and it looks great too, shame my chinese is not that good, oh well~

  2. Wow, Queenie has one ambitious cousin there! Aiming for Hollywood?! Good luck to her and I hope her acting/singing is better than what Queenie has to offer. Why is wearing a swimsuit something that is so difficult for many girls to overcome? Isn’t showing off their bodies a characteristic of the typical Hong Kong girls today? o.o

  3. @TT: Hey there! :) It would be my pleasure!!! YAY…

    @Kirsty: Aww…that made my day. :) I’ll trying not to procrastinate and update every bit of information I read. I am working on it. :)

  4. Hey there, I love your site! When will you update it? I’m looking forward to Miss Hong Kong this year! =)

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